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This is the perfect answer on the question how to cheat and hack Dragon City on your iOS and Android smartphone.

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The most important thing to be successful in Dragon City are enough Gold and Gems. Without these items it will basically impossible to get to the next level, getting items and better dragons. There are a few ways to get free Dragon City Gold and Gems, but this is extremely time consuming and exhausting. The game can be really exciting and fun, but it can also be very depressing and frustrating. Having not enough Items on Dragon City can be annoying if you actually want to be a successful gamer. Of course you can buy the items for real money, but if you really spend your hard earned money all the time you want to move on in the game you will have to spend lots of money. Don’t do that. It doesn’t have to be this way. These days it is easy to find Dragon City Cheats and Hacks to get unlimited free Gems and Gold on your iOS and Android device.

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Let me introduce the Dragon City Gems Hack to you.


With this Dragon City Hack Tool above it will be extremely easy to generate as much Gold and Gems as you want. You can use this cheat engine directly on your iOS and Android smartphone along as tablet and also from your PC and Mac. The magnificent features of the hack for Dragon City are that you will be able to rule the game, never need to worry about items again and you will have the strongest dragons in the whole game. Sounds good right? All you need to do is to check the iOS and Android Dragon City Hack. Using it is very easy and user-friendly.

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Here is what you need to use the Dragon City Hack Online:


  • Exact username (very important)
  • The platform you are playing on (iOS, Android or Facebook)
  • Amount of Gold and Gems you want to get on your account


If you got all this information you will be able to use the Dragon City Gems Generator above. The whole process of generating the items shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes. From the start to the end it will be easy to use. There are some tutorials on Facebook and YouTube you can easily check. They will explain in detail how you can use it.

This game became very popular within the last few years. Right now it counts hundred thousands of daily player. Everyone tries to get the best Dragon and to dominate the game, unfortunately this seems to be very hard. To really become the best you need many items and you have to spend lots of time with playing this game everywhere you are. If you got lots of Gems you won’t spend that much time. So basically there are two ways on how you can avoid to spend lots of time. First you can buy many items with real money and second you can just generate these items on your account. The first option is what 99% of the player are doing these days. Only 1%, a small circle of player, are using Dragon City cheats and hacks to get these gems and other items. Of course it is much more efficient to simply add gems to your account instead of buying them.

Still many people don’t know about this hack tool or they feel afraid of using it. They are scared their account could get banned. Only this small circle of people were brave enough to try it and they are doing it again and again. Same as you can see on YouTube or Facebook. The successful gamer, which got tons of items on their account. They never spent money for it. Either they spent lots of their time on this game. All they did was coming to ihatevans to use this Dragon City hack on Atari-Gamer. It can be so easy, don’t make the mistake to avoid using cheats or tools, because they can save you lots of real money.


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